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Pet Waste a Problem? Scoopy Doo Has The Solution!

Bethesda, Maryland – July 30, 2007

Did you know that one of the leading causes of concern of residents in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area is the disposal of pet waste? Conversations and emails abound with stories of children who, while innocently playing in our local school playgrounds and residential backyards, accidentally step in dog waste. According to the EPA, one gram of dog feces can contain 23 million fecal bacteria coli forms. Children are therefore at risk for infection from some of the bacteria and parasites found in pet waste.

Also, take note that our water is actually at risk too. How so? Pet waste contains nutrients that promote the growth of algae. Once this alga grows, it enters the streams and tributaries of our Chesapeake Bay Region and can clog these stream beds thereby destroying habitats for aquatic life such as fish, oysters and crabs.

As a responsible pet owner, parent, homeowner or condominium board member in a common interest community, you will have the opportunity to provide a safe and environmentally sound long term solution to this growing problem. Scoopy Doo Pet Waste Removal Services, a fully bonded and insured pet waste removal services company, serving Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia, can efficiently and safely dispose of all pet waste. Scoopy Doo is a proud member of; The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists and follows the Association Code of Conduct.

You can engage Scoopy Doo to have your residential yard, school, association common area green space or park expertly maintained so that all children can play worry free in a clean healthy environment either at recess, during after school activities, soccer or baseball games or simply playing Frisbee! An additional service offered is the installation and maintenance of pet waste stations. Pet waste stations dispense individual waste bags which can be utilized by pet owners and disposed of in a secure deodorized container. The container is emptied regularly by a trained technician and bags replenished as necessary.

If you are interested in finding out more about this service, please call 1.877.7. SCOOPY or visit our website at Evan Sultan, President of Scoopy Doo Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia will be delighted to visit your home, school or community and provide a comprehensive service package tailored to your needs. Let Scoopy Doo be the solution to your pet waste dilemma. Help keep your residential yards, parks and community and school common area green space pristine and waste free. Scoopy Doo says, “It’s in the Bag!”

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