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Chances are you have pet waste! Did you know the average dog leaves behind two scoops a day and according to the EPA a single gram of dog feces can contain 23 million fecal bacteria coli forms? Let us help you have the peace of mind that you and your family, friends and pets are living and playing in the safest, poop-free environment possible.

We can all do our part by becoming aware of a growing problem, but if life gets too busy, call us "We Scoop Poop for You!"

Bonded and Insured
Locally Owned and Operat
Scoopy Doo provides professional pet waste removal and waste clean-up services to individual residential yards.

Commercial waste removal service contracts available for Condominium Associations, Homeowner Associations, Cooperatives, Planned Unit Developments, Local and City Governments, Parks and Dog Parks, Kennels as well as Veterinarians and Shopping Centers. Making your environment a healthier place to live is our goal.

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Another service offered is the installation and maintenance of pet waste stations. Pet waste stations dispense individual waste bags which can be utilized by pet owners and disposed of in a secure deodorized container. The container is emptied regularly by a trained technician and bags replenished as necessary.

Our professional services include thorough sanitation of our equipment with an EPA approved disinfectant before and after every visit, as maintaining health is our number one goal. As an additional cleaning service, we remove all residue from your yard and leave no evidence of the poop we scooped. Here's The Scoop on Our Rates...
Canadian Geese Delivering Something ...Other Than Golden Eggs?

Pigeons Dropping By
...Unannounced & Uninvited?

Ducks Leaving You With ...The Cleaning Bill? Click here for a free site visit and quote for pressure washing and sanitizing your property or call us today !

"We Will Not Be Under Scooped"
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"What's In A Scoop?" Ask Scoopy Doo!
  By Patricia A Bianca, as appears in Pet Lovers Companion

"What's in a Scoop?" Ask Scoopy Doo! According to the EPA, a single gram of dog feces can contain 23 million fecal bacterial coli forms. Bacteria and parasites that can be transmitted to humans are often found in dog waste, putting innocent children at risk of some very serious infections. Even our area's beautiful waterways are put at risk by pet waste, which contains nutrients that promote the formation of algae. As the algae grow, it enters and overwhelms the streams and tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, destroying habitats for aquatic life such as fish, oysters and crabs. The only way to avoid such dangers is the prompt, proper clean-up and disposal of pet waste, but with today's busy lifestyles, cleaning up the yard is often a chore that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the "To-Do List". Enter companies like Scoopy Doo. This enterprising firm specializes in pet waste disposal throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. Their clients include homeowners, schools, park managers, homeowner associations, municipalities and more. With more and more people concerned about health and the environment, pet waste removal has turned into big business for Scoopy Doo. They even belong to a professional association, The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists. In addition to ridding backyards, parks and other common areas of pet waste, Scoopy Doo also offers pressure-washing and sanitation for areas plagued by goose, duck and pigeon droppings. They can provide specialized sanitation stations as well, where pet owners may dispose of individual waste bags in a secure, deodorized container, which is then properly emptied by trained technicians. You might think this is much ado about poo, but the dangers posed to pets and children by the bacteria and parasites found in animal waste are very real. If you can't keep your area clean, hire someone who can.

Once a Week:
This service will keep your yard healthy and maintained. We recommend this service for homes with one small or medium size Dog. Starting at $13.00 a Week

Twice Per Week:
Twice per week service keeps your yard in tip-top health condition. We recommend this service to high-traffic yards, homes with small children and for those who just love cleanliness. Starting at $10.00 a week

Twice a Month:
Servicing yards twice will keep pet waste to a minimum. Starting at $21.00 a visit.

Some yards need an initial cleaning before regular service can begin.
We also offer one-time cleaning services, which is perfect for special occasions or when life gets to busy!

Additional Services:
Environmentally Safe Pet Waste Stations installed and maintained.

We offer discounts to all senior citizens, disabled individuals, service dogs, all military services and personnel.

Scoopy Doo Gift Certificates:
Give the "Gift of Scooping" Have a special occasion coming up soon? Birthday, Holiday, Outdoor event ? Great for any and all occasions... Call for information on the type of Gift Certificate that meets your needs.

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▪ Monthly in Washingtonian Magazine and in each issue of Bethesda Magazine
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Below is a list of disaster relief organizations, if you choose to donate:
The organizations listed below are instrumental in saving the lives of people and pets during natural disasters.
Please take a moment to visit these sites to learn about the work they do in the community. Donations you make to these organizations benefit all of us. Scoopy Doo Maryland, District of Columbia & Virginia support and contribute to these organizations.

202 232-5020

Humane Society of the United States:
202 452-1100

The Red Cross:
703 584-8400

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